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Accelerated Invisalign

Clear Smiles Alaska is proud to offer the Acceledent System to our patients who want to achieve a significantly improved smile quickly. This accelerated Invisalign system complements the aligners’ orthodontic force and you’ll only need to use it for 20 minutes each day. Through the application of gentle microvibrations, bone remodeling is fast-tracked resulting in quicker tooth movement.

Tooth movement can be increased by as much as 106% during the initial phase and then as much as 50% during the succeeding treatment phase – making your orthodontic treatment faster without any adverse side effects.

How It Works

To use AcceleDent, you simply need to insert the device and turn on the activator for 20 minutes. The mouthpiece is fitted around your aligners and will need to be used daily.

Consistent use of AcceleDent has been proven to speed up tooth movement and several clinical trials have found that it is safe to use. This Class II medical device is approved for use by the FDA.

Treatment with Invisalign plus AcceleDent

Fast Track to Straight Teeth – Invisalign with AcceleDent

Fast Track Invisallign Acceledent

AcceleDent can Enhance Your Orthodontic Treatment!

OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc., created the new AcceleDent System, a device designed to compliment any kind of orthodontic treatment – from traditional braces, Invisalign to other orthodontic appliances. The use of this device has been found to potentially reduce the amount of time a patient will wear braces/aligners by up to 50%.

Here at Clear Smiles Alaska, we are very proud to offer AcceleDent to our patients. Dr. Sparaga is the first Alaskan orthodontic practice to adopt the AcceleDent System.

How Does the new AcceleDent System Work?

The AcceleDent System produces microvibrations in the mouth of the patient resulting in faster bone remodeling. Combined with the force created by the orthodontic appliance (braces, aligners, etc.), the remodeling enables the teeth to move to their ideal position a lot quicker, thus reducing the treatment time.

Several clinical studies have found that the pulsating technique used by the AcceleDent System is effective for various applications, including promoting faster healing of bone fractures and even in helping astronauts prevent muscle deterioration while exposed to prolonged periods of weightlessness.

Invisalign Acceledent Appliance

Using the Acceledent Appliance with Invisalign

Invisalign, in itself, is a very effective and convenient orthodontic treatment. But you can boost its effectiveness and possibly cut down on treatment time using the AcceleDent System. You only need to use this device for 20 minutes a day to see impressive results.

The device has a mouthpiece that is similar to a sports mouthguard or a plastic ortho retainer. All the patient has to do is bite down on this mouthpiece, apply gentle pressure and then start the activator. You need to bite down hard enough that you no longer need to hold the device with your fingers.

Acceledent Device Invisalign

AcceleDent Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does AcceleDent work?

    AcceleDent works by speeding up teeth movement. All you need to do is insert the mouthpiece and turn on the activator for 20 minutes every day. The faster the teeth movement, the shorter your treatment time will be.

  • Is AcceleDent safe to use?

    Absolutely. This system has been proven safe and is a class II medical device with clearance from the FDA.

  • By how much time will it reduce my orthodontic treatment?

    According to research, AcceleDent System will increase teeth movement by as much as 106% in the initial treatment phase and in subsequent phases, it can accelerate movement by as much as 50%.

  • What orthodontic treatments will work with AcceleDent?

    This system works in conjunction with majority of orthodontic treatments. To be certain, please discuss this matter with Dr. Sparaga.

  • Will AcceleDent cause pain in my teeth when used?

    No. In fact, a lot of patients have reported experiencing less discomfort when using it.

  • How does it accelerate orthodontic treatment?

    Braces/aligners work by moving your teeth gradually until they reach their ideal position. AcceleDent produces microvibrations (also known as micropulses) to enhance teeth movement so that the treatment is faster.

  • How will I know if I’m using it correctly?

    The bite pressure you need to apply when using the mouthpiece should be firm enough that the device will stay in place in your mouth even without you holding it with your fingers. On the other hand, don’t forcibly bite into it as it may trigger excessive wear.

  • Should I wear it while sleeping?

    It’s not recommended that you use it while sleeping.

  • Do I need to wear it for a full 20 minutes at a time?


  • What if I really need to pause the session for a few minutes? Is this OK?

    If you absolutely have to, then it’s OK. AcceleDent will remember how long you used it, as long as the pause does not exceed five minutes. If it goes beyond 5 minutes, it will reset to 20 minutes.

  • Can AcceleDent track my usage?

    Actually, yes it can. You simply dock the Activator on the charging port to know the usage history. The amount of usage can also be seen on the Smart display once you have entered all the details in the device.

  • Can I set it up so that it will remind me to use it daily?

    Unfortunately, no. AcceleDent is not designed to send out reminders to the user.

  • How often should I charge the device?

    You need to recharge the Activator every 3-5 days or when the battery gauge indicates a low charge.

  • What happens if I exceed the required 20 minutes of use?

    As much as possible, do not go beyond the prescribed usage of 20 minutes. There’s no incremental benefit to using it for more than this time period.

  • How should I clean the AcceleDent?

    You can rinse the mouthpiece with lukewarm water after every use. You can also use a mild soap or soft liquid dishwashing detergent to brush it. A small amount of toothpaste is fine too. As for the Activator, wipe it with a damp cloth after use. Make sure the metal part of the Activator is free from residue or dirt which you can clean with a Q-tip. Allow your AcceleDent to air-dry before storing it in the Travel Shell. We strongly advise against putting the device in a dishwasher as doing so could damage it and also void the warranty.

  • Can I use it in the shower?

    No, AcceleDent is not water-resistant.

  • Can I share it with a family member or a friend?

    No as AcceleDent is a device that has been cleared by the FDA for individual use only. Sharing it with another person is absolutely prohibited, as your AcceleDent system is customized to fit your specific treatment plan.

  • Does AcceleDent have a warranty?

    Yes, it comes with a 2 year Express Limited Warranty.

  • What kind of battery does this device come with?

    AcceleDent has a rechargeable medical grade Lithium ion battery.

  • After my treatment, what shall I do with my AcceleDent?

    Once your treatment is complete, you should dispose your AcceleDent, just as you would any device with a rechargeable battery.

  • Is AcceleDent eligible under my HSA?

    AcceleDent may be eligible under your Healthcare Savings Account when prescribed by a licensed dental professional. To be sure, please contact your HSA plan administrator.

  • I have other questions not covered here. Who shall I talk to?

    Your orthodontist can answer any question/concern you may have regarding the AcceleDent system.


For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page on the AcceleDent website

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