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What is PROPEL and How It Can Enhance My Treatment?

Here at Clear Smiles Alaska, we make every effort to provide our patients with the best orthodontic care. We want to make your treatment convenient, effective and efficient. This is why we’re excited to offer PROPEL in our practice. This technology stimulates bone remodeling so the teeth will move faster into their ideal position.

With Propel Technology, Dr. Sparaga can finish your treatment more efficiently. The treatment time will be shorter so you can see the results you want with fewer visits to our office.

What is PROPEL?

The PROPEL system can be used in combination with traditional braces, Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment. It utilizes innovative procedures and devices to move the teeth quickly. Research has found that with PROPEL, teeth will move 50% faster than with braces or aligners alone.

Here are the main advantages of PROPEL Orthodontics:

1. It’s convenient.

Propel is easy to operate portable device you need to use for 20 minutes each day. You can use it while you browse the Internet, watch TV or read a book.

2. It’s painless.

Unlike surgery, Propel doesn’t require incisions or a recovery period. Think of it as a daily teeth massage.

3. It’s very efficient.

With Propel, your teeth will be straightened a lot faster than without. Research shows that what would otherwise take 2 years of orthodontic treatment can be shortened to just 15 months.

PROPEL enables Invisalign or braces to do their job faster. With this system, you can have the smile you want in the shortest time possible. To find out more about PROPEL, please schedule an appointment with our orthodontist.