Left untreated anterior deep bites can cause a lot of problems. Upper and lower incisor wear, palatal soft tissue impingement and overlapping teeth, to incisal entrapment and TMD with muscular reaction can all be blamed on deep bites. Since we begin life on a soft diet (Gerber’s, etc.), and chew so little, we frequently develop a deep anterior bite in the mixed dentition phase, e.g. age 8 or younger. This precipitates a Class II skeletal and dental pattern eventually.

Correction of deep bites is slow and can be difficult for the patient, especially with braces since the upper incisors will frequently cleave off the lower incisor brackets when biting down. This also used to be difficult for Invisalign to accomplish, but for a different reason…The aligners are too gentle in grasping posterior teeth from which to apply incisor intrusion or torquing forces. However, aligners have a distinct advantage over braces in providing protective plastic over the incisors when biting as well as propping the bite open due to aligner thickness. Further, with the advent of teeth straightening mini-implants, we now can apply traction to aligners to open the deepest of bites successfully.

Below you will see the result of skeletal anchorage applied to deep bite incisors with Invisalign only. Many dentists still believe that “Invisalign can’t-do that”, and instead suggest braces treatment. These images demonstrate what Invisalign really does do, every day, right here at Clear Smiles Alaska. Invisalign is not a compromised treatment in teeth straightening; rather it is a kinder, gentler tool with which to exert teeth straightening forces, just like braces. As in any new technology, training, experience and willingness to embrace the new technology is a must in order to make it work. At Clear Smiles Alaska we are proud to have made that commitment 8 years ago, when we went “Invisalign Only” and have successfully treated over 1100 patients to date, with no full braces. When you contemplate one of your patients who has a need for teeth straightening correction of a deep bite, severe or minor, think Invisalign at Clear Smiles Alaska. WE can do it.