clear smiles alaska office tour

Clear Smiles Alaska Invisalign Office Tour

Clear Smiles Alaska Invisalign Office


Our office is decorated in an Alaskan theme because we love living in the Great Land! We celebrate with photos, artwork, and silk foliage. The caribou and moose antlers in our office were harvested by Dr. Sparaga and his family.


A member of our administrative staff will greet you, give you a tour of the office, and introduce you to the staff during your Initial Examination. They will also schedule your appointments and handle payments and billing questions.

Reception Room

Our reception room offers a variety of the latest magazines in the event that you arrive early to an appointment. We are very timely and are unable to accept walk-ins. We understand unexpected needs arise on occasion, but we maintain a fixed schedule to prevent running over on appointments and delaying other patients. If you have an orthodontic emergency or need to reschedule, please call and we will schedule you as soon as possible. In most cases, a technician will greet you and get your appointment started before you get a chance to even open a magazine in the reception room!

Toothbrush Station

Our technicians appreciates a fresh mouth and clean smile to work on! If you haven’t brushed in the last couple hours, please use a complimentary toothbrush, some toothpaste, and freshen up for us before your appointment! It makes adjustments easier and evaluating the fit of aligners smoother when teeth and aligners are clean.

Kid Zone

If you bring children with you to your appointment, they are always welcome to entertain themselves for the duration of your appointment. We have children’s books, coloring books, crayons, a couch, two televisions, movies, and a PlayStation in our Kid Zone for your children to enjoy while you are in your appointment. We do not allow children in the examination area because we generally have other patients in there and we provide a semi-private and uninterrupted environment to evaluate our patients.

Records Room

State of the art digital photo images are taken in the records room when you arrive for your Initial Examination. This is also the room where digital x-rays are taken once you start treatment with us.

Examination Room

Where your Initial Examination with Dr. Sparaga will take place after your photos are taken. Dr. Sparaga will inspect the alignment of your teeth, measure your bite, and listen to your needs and what you hope to gain from treatment.

Consultation Room

Here you will view your digital images to clearly see your teeth and facial profile. Dr. Sparaga will review your treatment needs and the options available to you through Clear Smiles Alaska. Also, Administrative Staff will discuss the cost of your treatment and outline the various financial options at the end of your Initial Examination.