invisalign testimonials

Clear Smiles Alaska Testimonials

“I highly recommend clear smiles Alaska”
– Ryan Biccum, Invisalign patient

“I love the personal experience you receive at this office. Dr. Sparaga remembers everything about his patients and is easy to have a conversation with. I never felt like I was going to an orthodontist appointment – it felt more like visiting close friends or family every time.”
– Michaela Thomassen, Invisalign patient

“I’m pleased with my outcome and with the experience. Appreciated staff’s friendliness and professionalism. Appreciated the efficient way I always got in and out during my appointments. Liked the text appointment reminders. Overall a good experience.”
– Linda Lord-Jenkins, Invisalign patient

“Good friends and family who have seen my old smile and my new one are so happy for me. They also say its amazing and that these are my own teeth! Thank you to the staff and Dr. Spuraga! I LOVE my new smile!”
– Janet Burkevich, Invisalign patient

“I was looking for an orthodontic office that was near my home. My wife and I were blown away by Dr. Sparaga’s education and experience. The staff members are all informative and friendly and have made coming in for appointments convenient and something we look forward to.”
– Tim, Invisalign patient

“Invisalign made it possible for me to get my teeth straightened as an adult because I would not have done it if I would have had to wear braces. The whole process was easy with little discomfort and I’m very happy with the results. Dr. Sparaga and his staff at Clear Smiles Alaska are friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone interested in improving their smile. Keep up the good work!”
– Jayne, Invisalign patient

“We are repeat patients and have had all our kids’ orthodontics done by Dr. Sparaga. The doctor who referred us to Clear Smiles Alaska had his kids’ treatment done here too. He was so positive about the whole operation that we couldn’t resist coming in to meet Dr. Sparaga. You can trust he will do his best to have perfect results at the end. New technology in the orthodontic field is always being developed and Dr. Sparaga is at the forefront of new Invisalign technology.”
– Steve, Invisalign patient

“My friend’s mom recommended I come to Clear Smiles Alaska for an exam. She said the office is well known and easy to get to, especially for me since I drive straight from UAA to my appointments. Dr. Sparaga knows so much about orthodontics and Invisalign. My parents and I couldn’t be more excited about my teeth getting straightened, finally!”
– Nicole, Invisalign Teen patient

“I was referred to Dr. Sparaga by my dentist due to pain in my neck and jaw as well as my difficulties sleeping. Dr. Sparaga was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions so well that I started treatment with him. I was surprised but he was able to treat my TMD and straighten my teeth – all with Invisalign. I can now sleep the whole night through and I rarely get migraines anymore. My new smile looks great.”
– Robert, Invisalign patient

“My kids had their treatment done by Dr. Sparaga about ten years ago and now that they are grown up and off to college, it is my turn! I love the flexibility of Invisalign – I can take them out to eat, brush, and floss; they are so comfortable! Dr. Sparaga knows so much about orthodontics and his zeal for Invisalign is contagious. It is hard to not be excited about my progress when he is too.”
– Lynn, Invisalign patient

“My favorite part was the free whitening kit I got when I started treatment!”
– Anna, Invisalign Teen patient