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Welcome to Clear Smiles Alaska!

Anchorage Orthodontist

Welcome to Clear Smiles Alaska! We are an Anchorage Orthodontist that uses Invisalign exclusively to treat our patients. Invisalign has been used to treat over 3 million patients and Clear Smiles Alaska has treated over 1,700, more than any other office in Alaska!

From age 12 to 92, we can treat all patients, no matter the severity of their case, including those who have been previously told there were "not" a candidate! With Invisalign, Patients love the freedom from the social stigma of braces. Aligners are easy to clean, flexible, comfortable, and make oral hygiene easier to maintain.

Dr. Sparaga treats teeth that are crowded, spaced, or misaligned. He has many years experience in treating TM Joint and bite issues that he can correct in conjunction with Invisalign. Our office takes pride in offering progressive care for simple problems as well as the more advanced and difficult areas such as planning orthognathic surgery.

Our goal is to serve all our Anchorage Orthodontic patients with compassion and expertise. We will provide you with the most comfortable and beautiful smile you can imagine, without using metal braces. Invisalign Anchorage Orthodontics is a phone call away, (907) 522-5000. invisalign-2016