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Invisalign First

Innovation never stops with Align Technology, which launched the iconic Invisalign braces that have benefited more than 13 million teens and adults as of today. Just recently, they have unveiled Invisalign First with the aim of helping young children achieve straight teeth and beautiful smiles.

The original Invisalign is geared towards teens and adults with permanent teeth (Phase 2). On the other hand, Invisalign First is specially designed for children 6 to 10 years old who still have some baby teeth as well as permanent teeth (Phase 1). These are special circumstances, but then again, Invisalign First (and Invisalign technology, for that matter) is special as well.

Special Features

The Invisalign First technology is customized for the specific anatomical features of younger children’s teeth, which are generally smaller and with shorter crowns. Invisalign First technology features optimized attachments which can deal with a wide range of malocclusions that particularly affect younger children. These issues include having shorter clinical crowns, erupting dentition management, and predictable expansion of the dental arch.

It comes with Smart Technology that digitally plots the teeth straightening plans for your child, and this accounts for specific tooth movement that occurs in Phase 1. The Invisalign aligner is made of SmartTrack material that children will find comfortable to wear, even as it applies constant yet gentle force to straighten the teeth as they grow.

Just like the original Invisalign aligners, Invisalign First starts with a scan of the child’s oral structures and create impressions that are digitally plotted to create the aligners. The aligners are then used one after the other in order to move the teeth into their proper position.

With Invisalign First, your son or daughter can have straight teeth without the risk of getting teased or bullied. Other kids won’t even notice that your child is wearing aligners, and that’s what makes this treatment very special.

You can check your dental insurance if Invisalign treatment is covered. It’s possible that your dental teeth straightening insurance can cover up to 50% of the cost.

Benefits of Invisalign First

  • The customized aligners can prevent bite problems from getting worse.
  • Invisalign First can correct crowding and spacing of the teeth, and narrow dental arches, among others.
  • It can stop or prevent oral habits such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking.
    Your child’s smile will improve considerably.
  • It ensures that Phase 2 treatment becomes much easier and shorter.
  • Because the aligners are virtually invisible, other children won’t notice them and your child won’t be teased.
  • Invisalign First is essentially a series of removable braces, and therefore they do not constitute a significant change to their food and dental hygiene. Your child can still eat what he or she wants, even typical children’s favorites like popcorn. Your child can just remove the aligners and then brush and floss their teeth the way they usually do.


It’s said that prevention is better than cure, and Invisalign First adheres to this principle. It’s always much better to address teeth straightening issues at the onset and by starting your child’s treatment at a young age, you can prevent teeth straightening problems in the future.

With Invisalign First, your child can have the beautiful smile he or she deserves. What’s more, Invisalign First emphasizes the importance of proper oral care at a young age. So when your child gets older, he or she will know that taking good care of their teeth is a must.

Invisalign First - Tommy
Invisalign First - Raya
Invisalign First - Raya
Invisalign First - Olivia
Invisalign First  - Johanna
Invisalign First - Tommy
Invisalign First - Raya
Invisalign First - Olivia
Invisalign First - Olivia
Invisalign First - Daveon
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